How to Join


The International Society for Behavioural Neuroscience is a group of “young” neuroscientists (generally less than 10 years since Ph.D.) whose research is directed toward understanding the relations between brain function and behaviour. The membership is limited to 150, with at least 50% conducting research with human subjects.

The group meets once a year in a location selected for the quality of its meeting facilities, and also for its recreational appeal. The conference features an opening address from a well known scientist, at least two symposia, and an open paper session with emphasis on informal discussions and building collaborations.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. or equivalent and be engaged in research relevant to behavioural neuroscience. Prospective members attend a conference and present either in the open paper session or in one of the symposia. Prospective members are expected to attend the entire meeting.

Election is by closed ballot – majority vote of the members taken during the business meeting. Selection is primarily based on the CV, letters of support, and the paper presentation. Because the group has a social dimension, some members may take into consideration the candidate’s social compatibility.

Application for new membership consists of a letter of interest from the candidate, a copy of the CV, and two letters of reference. One of these letters must be from a current ISBN member who agrees to sponsor the prospective member. The applicaiton materials must be submitted to the membership committee the Sponsor.

Application Process for Prospective Members:

Membership applications will only be accepted from an ISBN sponsor.

  1. Find a sponsor from the list of current members.
  2. Write a letter of interest, addressed to the ISBN Membership Committee, and send that letter and a CV to the sponsor.
  3. Arrange for a letter of recommendation, from either an ISBN member or non-member, to be sent to sponsor.

Sponsorship Process:

  1. Sponsor should write a letter of recommendation for the prospective member.
  2. The sponsor is responsible for submitting the complete application packet to the membership coordinator